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The State of Corporate Volunteering


Jerome discusses the state of corporate volunteering and how it’s changed the past two years and explore the new forms of volunteering since the pandemic. We talk about the difference between outcomes and outputs in corporate volunteering and employee engagement programs.

The Benefits and Challenges of Service Days

Join Doug Bolton, Jerome Tennille, and Beth Steinhorn for a conversation about service days -- the benefits and challenges - and hear their advice to rethinking these approaches to volunteering and community impact. For more information about Transforming Disruption to Impact: Rethinking Volunteer Engagement for a Rapidly Changing World, visit 

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From Volunteer Disruption to Impact with Beth Steinhorn and Jerome Tennille

Tobi welcomes authors Beth Steinhorn and Jerome Tennille to discuss how organizations have responded to the volunteer disruption they’ve experienced over the past few years, and what lessons can be learned.

The State of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2023

Jerome shares insight about the current state of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace and explore what’s changed since the beginning of the pandemic. We discuss the impacts of layoffs and current economic conditions. Finally, we look at what the future looks like for DEI.

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Use Your Influence to Better Your Community

Jerome Tennille, Director of Social Impact & ESG at The Uplift Agency, joins AgentsC's Founder and CEO, Mide Akerewusi, on Episode 3 of the Giving Black Podcast to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its role in strengthening Black communities.

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