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While I don't post about diversity and inclusion often, I have a gem (co-created by ZeroCater and Ghergich) that must be shared.  While it may seem bizarre to post this as we battle COVID-19, I have to say the timing couldn't be more appropriate, I'll tell you why.  Humanity's mettle is being testing in a way not seen in many years.  We're facing a complex problem that requires light-speed action and agility, not to mention creativity.  And while we're immediately focused on facemasks, washing hands and testing, I have to say, having a more diverse workforce may in fact garner greater solutions when and if we face a future pandemic.  Simply put, the more diverse a team is, the more creative and productive they're likely to be.

So it shouldn't be a secret that more companies are seeking to be more diverse.  Even before COVID-19, more so than at any other time in history, workplaces have been focused on the positive aspects of changing their workforce to be more intentionally diverse and inclusive. No longer are the days where everyone needs to meet the same standard for gender and ethnic background; companies are realizing the necessity of having people from all walks of life and from all places and situations as a way to improve on their products and services, and also have a more vibrant work life, too. 

That said, saying you're committed to that and actually doing it are two separate things. Diversity includes a lot of different factors, from gender to political beliefs to even location. I'd go as far to say to ignore this is to do so at your own peril; more and more employees are looking at the level of diversity as a way of judging a workplace. So what can you do? The three graphics below offer some ideas to consider.  Click on each to understand the What, Why and How, of diversity and what it means for you. 

I would also encourage you to check out the original blog "How to Actually Achieve a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace", featured on the ZeroCater website.  Oh, and if you work in social impact or sustainability and would like to see your content on this site, reach out and let me know.  Lastly, stay Responsible AF.


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